Single stove EH-IH2000A

Single stove EH-IH2000A

Product Code: EH-IH2000A
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Product Features

Maximum power 2000W
Super kitchen, 43mm.
Stainless steel, luxurious design.
7 different cooking modes: fried, fried, cooked, grilled, baked, steamed, hot pot ...
Automatically recognize the size of the pan
Adjustable temperature, multi-level power
Timer function off up to 12:59 minutes.
LED display number
Sensitive touch when wet hands.
Fan cooling function when the kitchen stops working.
Safe use with overheating protection of the kitchen, the body of the kitchen; too high, low voltage.
Safety features: cooking zone warning after use
Safety feature: Automatically turn off the stove after 2 hours if left unattended.
Safety feature: child safety lock.
Features glass

Classic ceramic glass cup, black color
The surface is scratch-resistant.
Ceramic glass with heat up to 1000ºC
Thermal shock resistance up to 800ºC.
High strength (withstand weight up to 8kg).
Production technology

Imported genuine parts
IC power Siemens - Germany
IC source STMicroelectronics - Italy
Manufacturing and assembly in Vietnam on the technology line of Germany
Structural frame shell

Kitchen stainless steel rim sure, luxury
Stylish design, high strength.
Advantages of anti-rust, anti-detector, absolute safety in hot and humid environment.

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