Infrared cooker EH-HL2000A

Infrared cooker EH-HL2000A

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Product Features

Infrared cooker EH-HL2000A with various cooking modes: fried, fried, cooked, baked, warehouse, steamed, hot pot ...
Used with pots of different materials: glass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel ... flat bottom.
The function automatically adjusts the power when the oven is warm enough to save energy.
Adjustable temperature, multi-level power
Timer function off up to 12:59 minutes.
LED display number
Sensitive touch when wet.
Fan cooling function when the kitchen stops working.
Safe use with overheating protection of the kitchen, the body of the kitchen; too high, low voltage.
Safety feature: Boiler temperature warning after use of infrared cooktop EH - HL2000A
Safety feature: Automatically turn off the stove after 2 hours if left unattended.
Safety feature: child safety lock.
Features glass

Classic ceramic glass cup, black color
Scratch-resistant surface (can be used on kitchen scissors).
Ceramic glass with heat up to 1000ºC
Thermal shock resistance up to 800ºC (can be tested by pouring ice on glass during heating)
High strength (withstand weight up to 8kg).
Directional infrared heating infrared heating (hot cooking only, can not touch the surrounding area)
Production technology

Imported genuine parts
IC power Siemens - Germany
IC source STMicroelectronics - Italy
Carbon fiber heaters, cookers EH-HL2000A has a life expectancy of up to 8000h.
Manufactured and assembled in Vietnam on advanced technology lines.
Structural frame shell

Kitchen stainless steel rim sure, luxury
Stylish design, high strength.
Advantages of anti-rust, anti-detector, absolute safety in hot and humid environment.

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